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With certified meditation and mindfulness teacher Rob Owens

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…… give them a real honest try. If you feel any different after, then you have proven to yourself that meditation and mindfulness work.

Tame the Power of your Conscious Mind

Modern research based classes and full courses taken from Buddhist practices. Adapted to our Western culture, lessons teach you how to direct your attention where you want it. Enhance your sports.


What People Say

Great course… Rob has the presence and the voice. Very compassionate to new meditators. Explains how to make it fun, not scary or boring.

Michelle W. in Oshawa ON

Online Courses nearly as effective as “In Person”

Classes and Courses over Zoom Video Conferencing miss some of the Group Mind benefits of face to face practices, yet research shows Online IS effective. See what researchers have to say and get the Zoom app below for your friends or work colleagues.

Tap Here for Research Effective Online classes

Rob Owens currently in training to teach the 8 classes MSC professional course
Link Centre for Mindful Self-Compassion

Link Dr. Itai Itzvan Naropa University first Chartered Buddhist University in USA located Boulder Colorado
Link TEDx talks by Rob’s Teacher/Mentor
Go to Zoom.us to try it out

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I’ve heard all the excuses: “I don’t have time to Meditate.” “Tried it once and didn’t like it.” “There’s too much noise where I live.” “I didn’t like the painful posture the teacher showed us.” “I didn’t like the whale sounds they played.”

You haven’t tried my Battleship Game meditation or “active” meditations you can do anytime like the Eating meditation, the Walking Meditation, Cycling or Jogging Meditation.