Yoga for Everyone

I teach mostly Hatha Yoga, accessible to everyone. A practitioner for 13 years and YTT200 grad, public and vulnerable sector OPP clearance certified.

I De-mystify the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the Chakras, Mudras, the Yamas Niyamas, with story, sound, guided imagery , pranayama (breathing) asnas (poses). All foreign language terms explained in plain English.

Instructing with modifications and props, also allowing seasoned practitioners to excel, everyone is welcome, recognized and appreciated.

“I see the same spirit in you that I see in myself” (Namaste, translated) may help you summon your Authentic Self to class, securing more presence in your life, more ease to your loved ones.

“When I get better, everyone around me gets better” is a universal human truth, one that you can prove to yourself.

Contact me here, or via the Menu Contact page. Namaste!