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Certificate Diplomas

Rob has been a member since 2020, one of only 3 members in Canada

Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

May 29 2020
Dr Itai Itzvan Core Faculty Naropa University Boulder Colorado University of Oxford England

School of Positive Transformation Boulder Colorado May 2020

Positive Psychology Practitioner

School of Positive Transformation May 2022
Compassion in Psychotherapy 2021

Rob is a certified Peer Leader – Living Well S/E Ontario, Living with Chronic Diseases Program

registered Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Certificate Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health 2020
Diploma Naropa Faculty Meditation Teacher training 2020
Certificate UNC Positive Psychology 2021

Typical Easy Path Guided Meditation *

Student training materials are provided. Bring blanket for warmth (sitting, the body cools) Sitting is in chair provided. Bring cushion for floor sitting if you prefer. No intoxicants.

10 min Welcome- Class theme, devices off

10min Historical Quote or Story supporting class theme

10 min Supporting video

20 min Timed Practice – with Ambient music adapted to theme*

5 min timed Journal writing (optional)

15 min (optional) Reflection – Q and A

*some conditions apply

*Rob records on the Nektar polyphonic synth

5 week Guided Meditation/Mindful for Beginners*

Class 1 – Deep relaxation

Class 2 – Intention

Class 3 -Preventing Emotional Overload

Class 4 – Be loved, be kind

Class 5 – Gratitude to Growth