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Is the Pineal Gland a Third Eye?

In our last post we illustrated how the pine cone, its scales, and shape, are regarded as a symbol of enlightenment by many world cultures across millennia, despite these cultures being unable to communicate their beliefs cross-culturally through distance and time. As legend and myth since before Galen’s time had accepted the pine cone as […]

Pine Cone, Symbol of Enlightenment

Why is the pine cone revered as a symbol by so many and diverse cultures from ancient times to now, and what does it mean? In Vatican City, Rome, Italy, there is an ancient bronze statue not of Jesus, nor Moses, nor Mary, but of a four meter tall pine cone, flanked by peacocks. Temples […]

Track 2 of Walking to Nepal

Click to listen to track 2, Last Night in Rangoon, from my album dedicated to refugees from Myanmar, in their preparation and trek to freedom. “Last Night in Rangoon”, with its soft dreamy sequences, has a surprise ending almost as jarring as an alarm clock! This piece tries to capture the restlessness, anticipation, fear and […]

Mindful walking soundtrack for Spring 2021

  Not able to run or jog? Walking can be the ideal, though slower, exercise after a winter indoors under COVID-19 regulations. Regular exercise helps lift the spirits, ward off depression and burn up some calories after sitting most of the Winter. And after several months of cold weather here in the Northern Hemisphere, we […]


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