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New Aspects of Mindfulness Practices

My new 5 minute video explains new ways of how our North American minds can benefit from basic Mindfulness practices. View it here I have incorporated these new research-based Mindfulness goals with traditional methods of stress and anxiety management, bringing a new awareness of self autonomy, relationships and contentment to my students. Based on documented […]

Six Dangers of Meditation

What we know about meditation and mindfulness is generally positive, about how it improves our lives. But no one talks about the dangers. I have studied how these situations show up, and now offer some remedies for the most popular misunderstandings. If we substitute the word “challenges” instead of danger, I think it’s being nicer […]

Is Hypnosis the same as Meditation?

After a group class June 22, 2020, on location near historic Hoard Station Ontario, Lorne S. asked. “Isn’t meditation same as hypnosis?” Without hesitation I replied, “in meditation the guide is suggesting that you be something, but in hypnosis the hypnotist is suggesting that you do something specific. There is a difference between being and […]

Fixed – Forest Bathing Introduction

(Some viewers reported broken Links to videos. Here they are fixed. Apologies!) Below are Links to two new videos I created to illustrate the history and practice of Forest Bathing, a term coined by Japanese researchers in the 1980’s. 15 minutes to view both videos, 10 minutes for the Guided Walk. (read More, click Title)


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About Me

Hi, I’m Rob Owens and I have found that meditation works for me. By making a conscious effort to focus my attention several times a day on what I want to think my life has changed for the better. My life of chaos and broken relationships is far, far behind me thanks to this simple practice.

I give away these Posts (“articles”) to share my experience, strength and hope, to help the suffering recover.

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