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Mindful walking soundtrack for Spring 2021

  Not able to run or jog? Walking can be the ideal, though slower, exercise after a winter indoors under COVID-19 regulations. Regular exercise helps lift the spirits, ward off depression and burn up some calories after sitting most of the Winter. And after several months of cold weather here in the Northern Hemisphere, we […]

Out with 2020, IN with 2021 ZOOM 707 681 6727

I would like to invite friends, students and anyone interested in Meditation and Mindfulness for two new ONLINE ZOOM 20 minute gentle and relaxing guided meditations, 1 on December 26 at 7 PM and 2 on January 1, at 1 PM.        (see registration Link below) No previous meditation experience necessary, but still challenging for experienced […]

Free – New 15 minute Guided Savouring Meditation

Here is  a fun gift to all my readers, the Link to my newest guided meditation, “Savouring your Best Moment In Life”, including my own flute and nature soundtrack. It’s in stereo so you might want to use earbuds or headphones.                                           […]

New Aspects of Mindfulness Practices

My new 5 minute video explains new ways of how our North American minds can benefit from basic Mindfulness practices. View it here I have incorporated these new research-based Mindfulness goals with traditional methods of stress and anxiety management, bringing a new awareness of self autonomy, relationships and contentment to my students. Based on documented […]


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