What? Evening Meditative Psychology in Trenton !

What? Evening Meditative Psychology in Trenton !

When? 5 classes for $70 - Starting 7 pm Tuesday May 24, 31 June 7, 14, 21 Where? Royal Canadian Legion Boardroom- Trenton - 19 Quinte St. Registration Required at 613 438 3399 or e-mail E-mail Learn from Positive Psychology and Meditation Practitioner Rob Owens. Why? Develop and practice... Coping Skills, creative Intention Setting, Preventing [...]

Meditation on Main Stream Media

Long a proponent of meditation to relieve suffering and promote wellness, I was delighted this week when I hear a Canadian Broadcast Corp. (CBC) short program on my favourite subject - mindfulness. Too often these shows are a turn-off to beginners, citing stuffy statistical analysis, dry academic theories of instruction, with lotus sitting, incense laden methods difficult for [...]

Demystifying Meditation

Meditation does not have to be so confusing! Consider that meditation has accompanied humanity since the sun set on the first prehistoric cooking fire. Picture our ancient ancestors gazing into the glowing coals; a warm, comforting and ineffable pleasure after a stressful day of running from tyrannosaurus rex while hunting and gathering nuts and berries. In the fire's [...]