Fear Visits

If we have a quantity of fear that we can't bear to  examine, we cope by busying ourselves to ensure the unwelcome guest of fear does not set up residence in our mind. We busy ourselves with other "guests" - we turn on the TV that fills our environment with sound and images, we go [...]

Meditation, Genetics, Conditioned Response to Life

Not so long ago modern psychology defined a split between how we perceive our world; between flexible conditioned responses to stress, and our  genetic inherited traits, the latter then considered as immobile and concrete. At that time, researchers seemed confidant that our genetic predispositions were locked in genetic codes; that the only route to therapy lay within modifying conditioned responses. But recent evidence from the [...]

Suffering Cravings

"Aversion" is opposite of "craving", but they both spring from sensations of like/dislike as one of three roots of human suffering. Craving and aversion always start with contact with the body's five physical senses- Contact of the eye with sensation of vision, the nose with sense of smell, tongue with sense of taste, body with touch, [...]