Part 3 – Ego Stories and Authentic Self – 10 minute Podcast

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Here is #3 of the series where I talk about

how the Ego blankets Authentic Self in Childhood

Rob Owens – Meditation Conscious Awareness Positive Psychology Practitioner

New Spiritkeep YouTube Video

June 15, 2020, I added a new video to the Spiritkeep YouTube channel, inviting potential Meditation and Mindfulness Students to examine my qualifications and teaching courses here on the Multimedia Web. The YouTube Link is here.

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I have more videos coming in June, inviting you to the practice of Mindful Forest Bathing on location near the Village of Stirling, Ontario, Canada. So, stay tuned!

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Also this month will be a free guided stress reducing meditation audio recording posted to my SoundCloud streaming channel. Stay tuned again!  (FYI… The SoundCloud Link is also available on the “Spiritkeep Audio Recordings” Home page menu.)

Thank you all for your ongoing support.

I hope you have as much fun watching and listening, as I do in the writing, producing and delivery of these products to the world.

Peace and abundance to all.      Rob

Guided Breathing Meditation recordings by Rob Owens

Due to a special request, I am re-posting here all three of my “guided breathing meditation” MP3 recordings. Get them in the Link at the end of this article.

They are on SoundCloud, a trusted Web hosting service for musicians and recording artists.

These practices, between 7 and 11 minutes long, have an original audio background I created on Sony Acid Music Studio, mixed on Adobe Audition 3.0

These date back to 2015, where I formally identify myself as “Robert” in the recording at the beginning of each practice, ending with a “Namaste“, done for the international market. I’m not that formal in person.