Meditation, Genetics, Conditioned Response to Life

Not so long ago modern psychology defined a split between how we perceive our world; between flexible conditioned responses to stress, and our  genetic inherited traits, the latter then considered as immobile and concrete. At that time, researchers seemed confidant that our genetic predispositions were locked in genetic codes; that the only route to therapy lay within modifying conditioned responses. But recent evidence from the [...]

Managing Strong Emotions

Managing our stream of strong emotions is like having charge of maintaining and channeling a powerful river. If we fail to look after the river by clearing away debris and removing obstacles to the natural flow of water, then over time there will be log jams, overflow of the riverbanks, and uncontrollable flooding that destroys or hurts [...]

Importance of Breathing in Meditation and Yoga

In yoga and meditation classes there is always a focus on the sensation of breathing, like "... take some deep belly breaths, notice the belly rising and falling rhythmically... expanding the breath now from the belly into the ribs... feel the ribs move up and out... expanding up into the chest like a wave... feel the chest rise... exhale... feel the air leaving like a [...]