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Wellness Meditations affecting Stress, Grief, Weight Loss, Addiction Live, in person, on ZOOM

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Stress and COVID 19 Anxiety Meditations, Physical (sports) Development and Injury Recovery

  • Stress relief breathing for everyday (mw21)
  • Healing anxiety and stress (mw17)
  • Easing Loneliness during Lock-down/Quarantine (mw8)
  • Anxiety relief body scan (mw2)
  • Sit through the COVID 19 Storm (mw20)

Grieving, Loss Divorce

  • Balancing Negative/Positive Emotions (mw28)
  • Moving through Divorce (pg50)
  • Meditation for loss of a loved one (mw55)
  • Easing Loneliness (mw8)
  • Honoring Grief (any significant loss)

General Anxiety

  • Walk away from Anxiety (mw44)
  • Let Social Anxiety Pass (mw36)
  • Find True Self – divert anxiety (mw31)
  • The Anxiety/Body connection solution (mw2)
  • Face insecurity with confidence (mw30)

Meditations for Addiction

  • Seeking safe Support for Addiction Recovery (mw1)
  • Quitting Alcohol (pw27)
  • Quitting inhaled nicotine (pw28)
  • Mindful Eating Habits for Healthy Recovery (pw43)
  • Social Media addiction confrontation (pg26)

Weight Loss/Maintenance

  • Self Compassion supporting Weight Loss (pw3)
  • Eating well to support Exercise (pw6)
  • Mental/emotional “gastric band” visualization session 1 (pw7)
  • Mental/emotional “gastric band” visualization session 2 (pw8)
  • Role of Hand-to-mouth choices (pw11)

Physical Performance (sports enhancement) Injury Pain

Contact us for more, specific for your sport
  • Healing with Patience (pw35)
  • Clearing hidden doubts (pw30)
  • Healthy Powerful Body (pw45)
  • Confidence with your sport (a7)
  • Affirmations for Self Healing ( a14)