Part 3 – Ego Stories and Authentic Self – 10 minute Podcast

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Here is #3 of the series where I talk about

how the Ego blankets Authentic Self in Childhood

Rob Owens – Meditation Conscious Awareness Positive Psychology Practitioner

Ego Stories and Authentic Self – Part 2 Jan 24 2022—Stories-about-Ego-and-Authentic-Self-e1dbkij
How we construct Ego. Where inside us is Authentic Self? How we unconsciously allow Ego to block Authentic Self.
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Free Clinical Stress Relief series Online

Source and Solutions for Stress online via Zoom with Rob Owens and

In partnership with

Belleville Quinte West Community Health Center

10 am EST Thursdays Jan 13 Jan 20 Jan 27 Feb 3 Feb 10 Feb 17

Registration with BQWCHC in advance


Details and registration, call Veneda at 613-962-0000

Not required to be enrolled as a patient.

Free online New Year’s Day Guided Intention Setting

4 pm, EST (Toronto time), on New Year’s Day, Saturday, January 1, 2022.

Inability to stick to a new Intention is not you, it is the old thinking you are using. Bring a friend and RELAX online for 30 minutes as Rob Owens guides your new process to achieving your private goal. Use the power of your subconscious mind to succeed.

Relax! Instead of making a New Year Resolution that quickly fades from consciousness,

why not join us in choosing, creating and embodying an Intention that has a symbol,

a color, a sound that is unique only to you!

This is event is limited to 15 tickets for participants to preserve group mind

as we practice. Act now!

Track 2 of Walking to Nepal

Click to listen to track 2, Last Night in Rangoon, from my album dedicated to refugees from Myanmar, in their preparation and trek to freedom.

“Last Night in Rangoon”, with its soft dreamy sequences, has a surprise ending almost as jarring as an alarm clock! This piece tries to capture the restlessness, anticipation, fear and regret that everyone has as they ponder the hours before stepping into a new and life changing decision. As we lay in bed awake with all these thoughts, we think we are awake all night, until sunrise rouses from our dreams and we know have slept, but little.

Thank you to everyone who listens and forwards this to their friends. A new track will be posted here around May 15. Rob

Mindful walking soundtrack for Spring 2021

  Not able to run or jog? Walking can be the ideal, though slower, exercise after a winter indoors under COVID-19 regulations. Regular exercise helps lift the spirits, ward off depression and burn up some calories after sitting most of the Winter.

And after several months of cold weather here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are now enjoying longer daylight and milder temperatures as March leads into April. Snow and ice has melted, making walking safer, but you should always be aware of your changing surroundings as you walk, jog or run, to avoid accident or injury. Please check with your medical professional before starting any new exercise program.

Here is a Link to a free downloadable Mp3 guided Walking Mindful recording on Soundcloud. To download click on the box with 3 dots and choose “download”.

Here is a Link to my Home page on Soundcloud that shows all of the tracks I have published.

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Peace and abundance to all.     Rob

PS- I am now working online in April/May 2021 via Zoom, as Meditation Teacher at Northumberland Hills Hospital Community Mental Health Services, as well as the Belleville Quinte West Community Health Centre.

Out with 2020, IN with 2021 ZOOM 707 681 6727

I would like to invite friends, students and anyone interested in Meditation and Mindfulness for two new ONLINE ZOOM 20 minute gentle and relaxing guided meditations, 1 on December 26 at 7 PM and 2 on January 1, at 1 PM.        (see registration Link below)

No previous meditation experience necessary, but still challenging for experienced practitioners! If you are new,  click here for some of my free HD audio guided practices.

The free ZOOM guided practices begin with a total body relaxation, followed by a creative cleansing/clearing, ending with a physical uptake of what you have created. Background of gentle flute, surf, breezes… periods of silence to savor and calm.

Return to your day, your New Year, relaxed and with a new purpose that YOU have created for yourself.

“Goodbye” to 2020 starts on Boxing Day at 7 pm with a 20 minute “Gratitude” meditation. Yes, 2020 has been unlike any year before, but there has to be something you can be grateful for.

“Welcoming 2021” happens on New Year’s day at 1 pm, by creating an “Intention” for the New Year. Everyone is guided to create their own personal Image, bringing it to life, bringing it inward for the entire year.

Please join my friends and past students, for these energizing meditations!

Register by clicking on the Link below for your free ZOOM pass code. Please provide which session, the Name/E-mail you will be using to join the Zoom meeting. Unregistered joiners will not be admitted.

Click Here to Register

See you in the ZOOM room – Rob

New Aspects of Mindfulness Practices

My new 5 minute video explains new ways of how our North American minds can benefit from basic Mindfulness practices. View it here

I have incorporated these new research-based Mindfulness goals with traditional methods of stress and anxiety management, bringing a new awareness of self autonomy, relationships and contentment to my students.

Based on documented psychological and brain activity studies, this new approach is just the tip of the Mindfulness iceberg that science is revealing. A component of Positive Psychology, I am proud to offer this proven approach to better living. See the Guided Class menu on the Home page for availability.

Peace and Abundance to all.