Each of us lives in two worlds - the subjective inner world of who we think we are, and the objective outer world, of who others see us as. As in the story of the Rainmaker, the differences between inner and outer reality can be a source of unbalance.  Everyone experiences periods of unbalance - [...]


Legend has it that Carl Jung, proponent of analytical psychology, never tired of telling this story illustrative of synchronicity. Before the time of Confucius, in a mountain village in China, the residents suffered the most severe drought in memory.  No one was permitted water for bathing or washing. People's faces showed the strain and dirt, [...]

Morality in 2014

It is appropriate on the first day of 2014 that we examine "morality" as the first step to creating the conditions for enlightenment to appear. Ponder this: Instead of perusing enlightenment, if we create the right atmosphere, it will appear unaided.  Morality has three subsets;  right speech, right action and right livelihood, but lets consider [...]