My qualifications and certifications related to teaching, and especially meditation and mindfulness, come after my story.

Like many of us, I suffered emotionally through childhood, innocently carrying these disturbances into adulthood.

It was in 1986 I found a book titled, The Road Less Travelled, then the so called self-help movement was born. I saw there was another way to live, it was legitimate and there were many others seeking the same relief from the lives we were living. 

It was also in 1986 that marked the beginning of deep and thorough scientific research into the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. But it wasn’t until about 2018 when there came a widely available way of delivering it to the everyday person.

I now invite you to join me in discovering the many families of meditation that can benefit your life and the lives of the people around you. Here are my credentials.

Rob Owens, July 2020.

Certificates Meditation Mindfulness

Certified Meditation Mindfulness Teacher verifiable (2020) from Dr Itai Itzvan, Faculty, Naropa University, Boulder Colorado

Accredited International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance course (2020)

Accredited Certified Professional Development course (2020)

In Training – Mindful Self Compassion Program for Professionals 2020-2021

Relevant Adult Teaching Experience

Durham District School Board, Adult Services, Whitby ON

Loyalist College, Belleville ON

St John Ambulance Instructor, Loyalist-Kingston ON

Relevant, Other

Ontario Provincial Police Vulnerable Sector clearance certificate, Disabled Children and Adults

Private Meditation Practice since 1990

Earhardt Seminar Training (EST) 1990

Monroe Institute Gateway Experience, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada 2011