4 thoughts on “Make time for Heart Mind Body

  1. Patricia, thank you so much for your kind compliment. Gratitude is a universal soul building experience. Often when I post new material there is no response, so your comment is like fruit from the orchard.

  2. Thank you Terry, for your comment. As you have noticed, attention drifting away from what we want to focus on is to be expected. If we can meet that awareness of drifting away without opinion, no grudge or judgement, then we can discover our inner power to bring our attention to what we want to focus on, not what our wandering mind is chattering to us!
    To have this power of choice is innate in all humanity, but few take the time or effort develop it

  3. Rob Just finished your program and you actually got me to relax. I kept getting thoughts but they were at intervals that matched your warnings to let them go. That was a really good experience and congratulations on your excellent professional presentation. T

    1. Rob you have the most soothing voice for this meditation . I thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed the experience. I’m impressed and thankful. Sincerely Patricia Ryan

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