Out with 2020, IN with 2021 ZOOM 707 681 6727

I would like to invite friends, students and anyone interested in Meditation and Mindfulness for two new ONLINE ZOOM 20 minute gentle and relaxing guided meditations, 1 on December 26 at 7 PM and 2 on January 1, at 1 PM.        (see registration Link below)

No previous meditation experience necessary, but still challenging for experienced practitioners! If you are new,  click here for some of my free HD audio guided practices.

The free ZOOM guided practices begin with a total body relaxation, followed by a creative cleansing/clearing, ending with a physical uptake of what you have created. Background of gentle flute, surf, breezes… periods of silence to savor and calm.

Return to your day, your New Year, relaxed and with a new purpose that YOU have created for yourself.

“Goodbye” to 2020 starts on Boxing Day at 7 pm with a 20 minute “Gratitude” meditation. Yes, 2020 has been unlike any year before, but there has to be something you can be grateful for.

“Welcoming 2021” happens on New Year’s day at 1 pm, by creating an “Intention” for the New Year. Everyone is guided to create their own personal Image, bringing it to life, bringing it inward for the entire year.

Please join my friends and past students, for these energizing meditations!

Register by clicking on the Link below for your free ZOOM pass code. Please provide which session, the Name/E-mail you will be using to join the Zoom meeting. Unregistered joiners will not be admitted.

Click Here to Register

See you in the ZOOM room – Rob

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