Fixed – Forest Bathing Introduction

(Some viewers reported broken Links to videos. Here they are fixed. Apologies!)

Below are Links to two new videos I created to illustrate the history and practice of Forest Bathing, a term coined by Japanese researchers in the 1980’s. 15 minutes to view both videos, 10 minutes for the Guided Walk. (read More, click Title)

I split them in two in case you want to repeat my Guided Forest Bathing practice without the preamble. The guided video for those who, for any reason, can’t get to a forest.

A mindfulness practice, Forest Bathing is proven by research to benefit us by creating a more robust immune system and its response to illness, plus improved sleep cycles and reduced stress. Although known for centuries, modern scientific tools and methods are proving that being purposefully mindful of nature is healing. Current studies on Forest Bathing coupled with psychotherapy are showing tangible results on the treatment of mental illness.

Introduction to Forest Bathing tells us about the history and health benefits of Forest Bathing.

In case you don’t live near a green space, my Walking Forest Bathing video, a ten minute guided Mindfulness practice along a primitive path through a verdant forest, is only one sample of the technique of Forest Bathing.

I hope you enjoy these videos and share them with interested friends.

Peace and abundance to all.

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Rob Owens

I have been working online as Meditation Teacher since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. I started teaching public Yoga classes in 2022 through the City of Quinte West Community Services.

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