Awareness within Mindfulness

eating with fingersPaying attention to the moment by moment process of eating, we notice the touch of food or drink entering our mouths – its taste, texture, aroma, the sounds of chewing and swallowing, contemplating the body’s eventual reaction to what we have eaten.

When we extend that awareness to everything connected to that food – the meal itself, the emotional connection we have to that particular food, the economic, social and physical aspect of growing and harvesting- we are standing in the realm of awareness.

Awareness can give insight into our future experience by simultaneously creating acceptance, plus the motivation to make changes. Awareness isn’t something we make by meditating. Like mindfulness, it’s already available as part of human inheritance, if we only seek it.

Take five minutes to notice your breathing. Then, let your mind settle on something personal you like; a favourite shirt, a food, whatever. Spend a few minutes noticing the sensations created that arouse you.

Now choose a person that you like, letting your emotions rise and fall. Let their characteristics and qualities come into mind. Keep going until you tire of making the list. Notice how some negative qualities appear. Now pay attention to the types of judgements you have made. Notice, are they harsh or hasty. What does an honest judgement feel like?

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